MFA Thesis  in progress work


For my candidacy review at Tulane University, I made a 5 piece installation. The installation consists of 2 animations made in Cinema 4d, 2 pieces that are real-time made in Unity, and a kinetic sculpture. Since starting the program I have been studying the possibilities of proceduallly driven animations with the use of gaming engines, AI, and motors. 

Video Documentation:

Excerpts of Work Presented:


As we become more and more dependent on digital technology, the space between the virtual and what we deem as reality narrows, leading more and more to the emergence of both. Through this exploration, I am creating digital simulations that mimic reality, in an often absurd and humoristic fashion. With the use of 3D graphics, gaming engines, and code; I recreate common scenarios stemming from my contemplation of daily life. These pieces are meant to create discourse questioning the nuances and the reliance we have on the human made systems that we reside within.

The scenes presented are loosely derived from my own memories, yet simplified to an idealistic form in order to serve as a placeholder for interpretations. None of these settings exist, though can be considered real or familiar. Through the combination of common objects and iconography, a presence of authority is implied but not revealed. The work itself serves as a cheeky critique of land ownership, surveillance, privacy, excess, and consumerism.

The work situates itself on the boundary of place and non-place. While the subject matter signifies residence, ownership and property, the viewer is positioned outside of these barriers: on the sidewalk or street-- places of transience. Because of this, time is eliminated. The work lives in stasis. No beginning or end, just a drawn out presence. While movement and sound exist in the work, the sun never moves, each setting is frozen in time. Similar to the temporal space of a cherished memory. This stasis is executed conceptually as well as technically. The work exists as a piece of software, rather than a video file. Because of this, once executed the work runs until shut down. Calling into question the duration of time in a time based medium.

Frozen in time to emphasize banality, each scene takes place at a moment where there is little activity. Not idle, but inactive. The sound in the work depicts more actions than what is visualized in order to emphasize the existence of these scenes as life moves on. In a way the work acts as a proverbial mirror. We are all consumers, whether we admit it or not. While the work doesn’t present a solution, it acts as documentation (based upon reflection) of things owned.