Mitchell Craft

3D Artist and Animator


3DVFX, Characters, Music Videos, Experimental, Procedural, UE4, Modeling, Animation, Environment Design, Art, real-time, Art Installation 

2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Mitchell Craft


2019-2021 MFA, Digital Arts, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
2013-2017 BFA, Kinetic Imaging, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Professional Experience

2021 3D Plant Designer, Rewilding, Brooklyn, NY
2021 3D Artist, Pariah Interactive, Brooklyn, NY
2019 Audio-Visual technician, AVP, Richmond, VA
2018-19 Motion Graphic Designer, Glossy, Richmond, VA
2018-19 Motion Graphic Designer, Release the Hounds, Richmond, VA
2017-18 Media Developer, The Highpoint, Richmond, VA
2017 360 Video Editor, VArtisans, Richmond, VA
2015-17 Technical Assistant, VCU Libraries Innovative Media, Richmond, VA
2012-14 Motion Graphics Designer, Visual Research Inc., Midlothian, VA


2021 Character Animator, Magdelina Bay, music video
2021 VFX Artist, Magdelina Bay, music video
2021 Artist Assistantship, Orla McHardy, 3D Scanning and processing
2021 Flat Rate Contemporary, Instagram promotions
2020 Issue 6, Flat Rate Contemporary, Instagram promotions
2020 3D modeling for Andrew Ohanesian
2020 Thirst/Trap, Sean Fader, 3D Fabrication
2019 Water System PSA, Rubia Group, SERCAP, commercial
2019 “CRUISE!”, Shormey, Citrus City Records, music video
2019 Artist Assistantship, Orla McHardy, 3D animation
2019 Tour Poster, McKinley Dixon, Graphic Design
2018 “Drifting”, Manatree, Music Video
2018 “Coast City”, Reggie Pace, Music Video
2018 Website Redesign, Natalie Prass, Website Design
2018 Instagram Promos, Natalie Prass, Motion Graphics
2018 “Richmond's Department of Public Works and the James River...”, Cross Platform Design, 3D animation
2018 Promo for Richmond City, 20th Century Fox, videography and location scouting
2018 “STUCK”, Nikayla, Yellow House Films, lighting and projections
2018 “Circle the Block”, McKinley Dixon, music video
2017, Susan Svendsen, website design
2017, Willie Anne Wright, website organization
2017 “Blueback Herring Spawn at Pipeline
2017”, Anne Wright, Science in the Park, video editing
2017 “Process Level Lament”, Reggie Chapman, music video
2017 show posters, Reggie Chapman, motion graphics
2017 “Not What I ought To”, Cream Dream, music video
2017 “Dreams”, Daniel Deganados, virtual reality technician
2017 animated logo, Holly Springs Game Bird Farm, motion graphics
2016 “Nightlife”, Anne Wright and Alyssa Salomon, Inlight 2016, video editing  
2016 “Fat Jackson”, Manatree, music video
2016 “YVA”, MNLV, music video
2015 “Turnt Turtle”, McChicken, music video
2015 “Shelter of Leaves”, Lenore Gay, book trailer
2015 “Lawnchair Larry”, Michael Hearst, music video 

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Please Excuse the Silence, The Front, New Orleans, LA
2018 Lemonion, Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA

Group Exhibitions

2020 Art From Afar, Off The Cost, internet
2019 Play Date #5, Motion Sickness Project, Cambridge, England
2019 Valet Gallery, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA
2018 INHUMAN ART, SSG, Olomouc, CZ
2017 The Uncommon, Richmond, VA, New York, NY
2016 Join/Die Noise Fest, Sediment Art Gallery, Richmond, VA
2016 Pollak Society Show, Richmond, VA
2016 Sad.Gif, Richmond, VA, New York, NY
2016 VCUarts Undergraduate Show, Richmond, VA
2015 Proxyact Experimental Film Fest, London, England
2015 Student Experimental Film Fest, Binghamton, NY 


2020 Flat Rate Contemporary, 5, Print Sale
2020 Feed my Quarantein, By Appointment Only, zine
2018 Property Materials, Winter | Vol. 2.3, zine
2017 Property Materials, Summer | Vol. 2.2, zine
2017 maps-dna-spam, July 2017, website
2016 Property Materials, Winter | Vol. 1.3, zine
2016 “New in Net Art, October”, NewHive, website


2017 Excellence in Kinetic Imaging award, VCUarts, Richmond, VA


2020-2021 Digital Arts 1, Instructor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
2019 Lead Animation Teacher, Oakwood Arts, Richmond, VA
2019 Assistant Teaching Artist, LightHouse Studio, Charlottesville, VA
2019 Personal Cinema 4D Tutor, Orla McHardy, Richmond, VA